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Anita Davis McAllister

Age 58

Author~Child Care Teacher~ Speaker ~Praise Dancer

Spoken Word Ministry


Pittsburg, CA

 Anita Davis McAllister is a resident of the Bay Area. She was born in Detroit, Michigan but moved to California at the age of 9. Although Anita was raised in a single parent home, her mother was very strict in the way she raised her. Her mother installed morals in her that have helped shape her into the woman she is today. Anita has instilled those same values in her kids. Anita has 4 children and 3 grandchildren and she has been married for 10 years. Anita has worked in the child care field for over 20 years as she enjoys taking care of others. 

Anita feels that God has placed the gift of writing in her, and she is currently in the process of writing a book of prayers. In 2014, Anita started Spoken Word ministry, and the main focus is “Bringing people to God and saving souls”. Anita also has a desire to help people. In the future, Anita inspires to start a ministry to help the homeless. Through her books, ministry group, and public speaking; Anita hopes to inspire others to take charge of their lives and follow their dreams.

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