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Megan Anderson


Age 29





Megan Anderson’s Bio

Megan Anderson is a 29 year old, single, workaholic who is on a journey to discovering what it means to really be happily broken and starting life over as a single woman.  
Growing up in a struggling, single parent home, surrounded by alcoholism, Megan knew she had to grow up and take care of herself at a very young age. She began writing to help take her mind away from the troubled world around her and has started working on her first book, as well as a blog. 
Megan has discovered along this self-discovery journey that sharing her life has become therapeutic, she’s gone through and overcome many difficult things, made her own mistakes and even though life was hard at times she has had a lot of fun along the way. She believes if a little piece of her story brings something helpful or positive to your life than she has reached one of her goals. She hopes that her story will show that with a little courage and a lot of faith you can change your situation and realize your true worth and the power you hold as a woman.    


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