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Sharice Porter


Age 43

Hayward, CA

Co-founder of InPowerment University



Sharice Porter BIO

Sharice Porter is the co-founder and co-owner of INPowerment University, where she helps young girls search within themselves to find the power that already lives within each of them. She obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications from California State University, Hayward in 2002.  While in school she wrote for the Pioneer - the campus newspaper and had aspirations of becoming a published author and speaker. As a young child she faced many hardships, the first of which changed the trajectory of her life…her mother had a stroke when Sharice was just eight years old.  Sharice was always told to be seen and not heard and to stay out of grown folks business.  What do you do when grown folks business becomes your business?  You tend to grow up way before your time. With the struggles of her home life, she often struggled in school, but she was determined to make it to college.  After college, she worked and helped to care for her family.  In 2003, she accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as her Lord and savior and HE began to show her the reason behind all of the heartache and pain.  She took a life changing solo trip to Hawaii in 2013 where she discovered her passion and began developing what would later become INPowerment University.  With this platform she hopes to reach young girls that may feel hurt by what life has thrown at them.  She wants them to realize the strength they need already lives inside of each of them.

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