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Briggette Rockett

(BRIG-jet Rah-ket)

Health, Lifestyle & Career Coach

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Briggette Rockett (BRIG-jet Rah-Ket) is a mother of three, two boys, one girl, and has a grandson who she loves to pieces. She loves poetry and is a published poet. She loves fashion, photography, and developing creative business ideas. Briggette is spontaneous, adventurous, and loves to travel.  Her curiosity about health and fitness is what led to her transforming herself and leading a group of women to lose a total of 22lbs.   Briggette has run 5k’s and participated in Fight for Air Stair Climb to raise money and awareness for asthma.   She volunteers with various organizations and is currently a volunteer Career Coach at the San Francisco Library.  She believes in giving back and does it consistently.   At age 14 Briggette became a teen mother, causing her whole life to change, and she was sent to live in a group home until the age of 18.  All of her dreams were shattered and a storm formed over her life, hitting hard for several years.  Pushing through life’s obstacles, Briggette graduated from high school as most improved senior and on the honor roll. Despite the many hardships Briggette faced, she tackled her shortcomings head-on, such as being diagnosed with a learning disability in college; but she didn’t let that stop her. She enrolled in a program at the San Francisco Library called Project Read for Literacy, and despite her challenges she became the first female in her family to graduate with an AS, BA, and MA degree along with several certifications in various areas such as Health and Personal & Executive Coaching.  Briggette sees  learning as a lifelong exploration. Currently, she works a full-time job and is working to establish her health and lifestyle coaching practice.  Her practice will promote a reinvention roadmap that empowers people to level-up their minds, bodies, spirits and lifestyles so they can live their most authentic life.  Briggette’s challenges and struggles are what have given her the voice to reach out and tell her story.  Her desire is to be a light of inspiration to others, letting people know that through your mess, you are still blessed. Briggette is a walking testimony that through blood, sweat, and tears, achieving your goals is possible. Lastly, she believes that without self-discipline, success is impossible.






















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