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Tracy TaTe Five Years In A Fog-2.jpg

"Five Years In  A Fog"

Releasing November 2018

Book Summary

Five Years in a Fog, Overcoming Obstacles is the follow up book to my chapter From the Frying Pan into the Fire in the book Broken Into Brilliance Vol. II, presented by Tanicia Shamay Speaks Currie. In that chapter the story of survival, broken trust, abuse and abandonment was presented. Have you ever felt like you are the only person going through trials and tribulations or have asked the infamous question WHY ME? Well you are not alone. Five Years in a Fog, Overcoming Obstacles is a motivational book inspired by events that happened in my life that required me to overcome the hurt, shame, embarrassment, and grief to find peace within. Day after day, there’s always something. This is a masterpiece detailing the trials and triumphs of events that overpowered my life. The story tells my truths to give motivation, encouragement and an inspirational blue print for those who have suffered or are suffering from trials and tribulations. This is a story of triumph over my shattered pieces of life from abuse, loss, addiction and fear that led me to compromise my true values to drown out my brokenness. There are many times in life that one must self-evaluate to find the answers to choices, desires, addictions, grief and fears. Looking within must become an automatic process in order to triumph over those trials one endures. I had to look within for the strength, courage and motivation to share my story. My story of survival and endurance changed the outlook of my life to find a peace within. I am blessed to be a blessing to others.

Published by Write It Away Publishing 2018

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