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Benjamin L. Rivera

Ben Rivera is artistically creative and enjoys surrounding himself with intelligent, talented people who have the desire to bring joy and new awareness to the world around them through their art.

Born in the inner city of Reading Pennsylvania, Ben spent much of his childhood moving around with his mother and brother from Key West, FL to Long Neck, DE then on to Glen Burnie, MD where he graduated high school. After high school Ben moved to Kutztown, PA, completing a semester of college at Kutztown University when he felt college wasn’t for him and traveled back to Glen Burnie. He took a job with PRS Guitars, helping to work their first CE model guitar as well as one of their first guitar amplifiers. After two years with PRS Ben decided a change was needed in his life and he joined the United States Air Force, giving him the opportunity to travel once again. His time in the service took him around the world to 7 different duty stations, ending his military career at Travis AFB where he settled down in nearby Suisun City, CA. Being exposed to so many different places and people opened his mind to the endless wonder and possibilities of what the world had to offer.

Ben is grateful to the military for teaching him to have a purpose for studying and achieving goals, a teaching he has applied to everything that he has and still wishes to accomplish. His education is both formal and personal, learning everything from computer science to the art of music and dance as well as building relationships. To this day education is dear to him, with articles on the internet and audio books being some of his favorite ways to learn. Ben’s favorite quote in life is "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone". That is a motto he continues to live by, always learning and trying new things that challenge him simply for the growth, joy and adventure of the accomplishment.

Today Ben is a father of three amazing children, two sons age 31 and 22 along with a daughter who is 28, and he still enjoys the arts of music, dancing, drawing and writing.

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