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Marilyn A. Waters


Chapter Title: The Fight

Marilyn A Waters was born in San Francisco and was primarily raised in Daly City, California, also known as the Gateway to the Peninsula. Marilyn enjoys traveling locally and abroad, but she has great appreciation for the climate and the culture of the Bay Area. Marilyn was born into a family of six children. Marilyn found balance in life and faith by way of her father’s work and her mother’s religious beliefs. Marilyn passionately believes in sharing messages of hope, because it is hope that carried her through many struggles in her life. Four years after marrying the love of her life and mothering a daughter, Marilyn found herself divorced and felt abandoned by love. Over time Marilyn discovered that true love is only found in Christ.

Marilyn is a creative at heart, and loves working in the capacity of the creative arts. In 2008 Marilyn wrote and co-produced a radio series called Love Letters to The Lord which aired on KDIA & KDYA in the San Francisco Bay Area. The show was well received and it was a great experience for Marilyn to publicly share stories of hope. 2018 is the year Marilyn picks up the pen and begins again. Stay tuned.

Marilyn A. Waters


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