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Candess S. Barker

Artist~ Author~ Founder of the Colours of Life Art Exhibition.

Facebook @ColoursOL


Chapter Title: Don't Let the Wrong Person Write Your Life Story

Candess S. Barker was born and raised in Oakland, CA as the middle child of eight siblings. She studied Animation & Visual Effects at Ex’pression College for New Media. She is a proud graduate of the Women's Initiative Business Program, where she developed her business plan for Passion for Elegance Event Planning.

Candess has always been passionate about creating art that addresses emotional, personal, and social issues as well as bringing consciousness and empowerment to women and people of color. In her endeavor for personal growth and community building, she founded the Colours of Life Art Exhibition in 2015.

As a firm believer in women empowering other women to love, believe in, and find themselves, Candess takes every opportunity to encourage women and young girls, starting at home with her spirited 13-year-old daughter Jayde.

Her continuous mission for self-awareness and fulfillment of her life's purpose with the support of her loving fiance’ Jai has led Candess to begin mentoring young women and participating in speaking engagements to inspire other women to find their own purpose.




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