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Briggette Rockett, M.Ed

Briggette Rockett (Brig-GETTE Rah-ket) is a woman of faith, strength and a humanitarian. She believes in giving back and volunteers with various organizations. Currently she is a volunteer career coach at the San Francisco Public Library. Briggette is a mother of three children, two boys and one girl and has a grandson who she loves to pieces, along with a bonus daughter and granddaughter. Becoming pregnant at the age of 14 changed the trajectory of her life, and she ended living in a group home for unwed mothers until the age of 18. Faced with many obstacles and challenges that left her intimately knowing what it’s like to face seemingly overwhelming odds, she managed to receive an A.S. from City College of San Francisco and an M.A. and B.A. from San Francisco State University, making her the first female in her family to accomplish these degrees. Briggette looks at learning as a lifelong exploration and believes continued personal growth is necessary.

Briggette Rockett is a featured author in Broken into Brilliance, which was released in June 2017, and she is also a published poet. Currently, she works a full-time job and is working to establish her health and lifestyle coaching practice. Briggette is a Certified Holistic Health, Lifestyle and Career Coach, and she started her coaching practice, Unmask Your Truth and Body Evolution, where she works with a mature audience in preparing a reinvention map that empowers and up-levels the mind, body, and spirit in order to live the most authentic life possible. She aspires to inspire and her desire is to be a light of inspiration to others, letting people know that through your mess, you are still blessed.


Briggette is a walking testimony that through blood, sweat, and tears, achieving your goals is possible. Lastly, she believes that without self-discipline success is impossible, and no matter how many times you fall, just fall forward.

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