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Sherron Meadows

Age 45

Author~Real Estate Sales Associate for Kiper Homes

Oakley, CA

Sherron Meadows is a single mother of four, with the oldest being 25, and the youngest being nine. She is the second youngest of three brothers and two sisters and was born in Illinois. Sherron has always been a hard worker and a strong believer in hard work pays off and everything obtained in your life comes at a price. She started her first job at 13; selling candy bars door to door, and has been working full-time since the age of 19. She became a mother at the age of 19. She was raised in a single parent home where there was little affection and love shown and her mother struggled with an alcohol addiction. From the struggles she faced with her upbringing, she vowed that she would show her children what love looked like and teach them about unconditional love. At the age of 30, she had a nervous breakdown and a stroke. Sherron passionately believes that your circumstance does not have to dictate your outcome. If you don’t like what you see in your life than you have to be willing to do something different to get better results. Sherron have always wanted to be a nurse, but have faced many challenges in life being a single mom. She believes that even though she is not a nurse, she can still nurse people back to good health through conversation, by lifting them up with encouraging words, and the reading of her books. She firmly believes that no matter what people do to you, you are still able to love them. Her mission is to inspire and encourage single mothers and young women to not give up on their journey in life and their dreams. Believing that everyone has a purpose in life, she wants to help others reach their goals. Sherron’s future goals include: starting a non-profit organization for abused women and children by providing them with a safe place to call home as well as accomplishing her goal of becoming a motivational speaker for women

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