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Denese Dillihant


Age 23

Motivational Speaker-Singer-Author-Entrepreneur


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Denese Dillihant Bio:

 Denese Dillihant was born in Northern California, in the city of Walnut Creek. She was raised in the city of Pittsburg, Ca. She grew up in a home where domestic violence was prevalent.  Denese found positive ways at an early age to channel her emotions. She began singing as soon as she could talk and loved music from infancy. As she grew older she began singing in the church choir and leading songs and singing solos. She started writing songs as well. Denese began playing the alto sax at eleven years old and continued to play well into high school where she was a faithful member of the Pittsburg High School marching show band. Denese was a very active and athletic child and won many awards and certificates playing basketball. She graduated from Pittsburg High School in 2010. All of her activities and accomplishments didn’t stop her from feeling abandoned and empty throughout her teens. After high school, her life took many turns in different avenues that would lead her down many paths, some dangerous and almost cost her her life.  She became a teenage single mother and battled drugs and alcohol addiction. Denese made a decision to change her life forever one day to be a better person for her baby son. She chose to be free. She attended and completed a year, and received a certificate of sobriety, in January of 2012 from Ujima Outpatient Recovery Center in Pittsburg,Ca.  She then started Bible College at Patton University in Oakland, California. Her specific area of study was Biblical Education/Studies. She would later transfer schools to the Bay Area School of Urban Missions, where she is currently pursuing her degree in Biblical Studies and Evangelism. She has the heart of an outreach person working to help others recover from whatever life has them bound in. Denese is now married with three small children and runs a home-based business. She started a young women's organization called, "First Lady Standards," in 2014, and has weekly classes for women of all ages. Her mission is to create tomorrow’s prestigious women by transforming the lives and minds of today’s young women. Her purpose is to elevate the standards in the minds of young women by developing and enhancing self-worth, providing spiritual guidance, and establishing a safe haven for positive change. Her goal is to demolish child/adult prostitution, domestic violence, drug addiction, physical and mental abuse, financial instability, dysfunctional relationships, and bad health among today’s young women. She hosts many community events and loves feeding and clothing the needy. Denese loves to love on people and in everything she does she seeks to please God. At 23 years old she is confident she is on the path God has laid out for her. She has plans of opening a home for teenage mothers in recovery to further fulfill her calling in life. And she is releasing her very own worship CD and book, Somebody's Baby, in Fall 2016. She is a featured author in the empowering book compilation, Breaking Through Barriers, releasing in July 2016.  

"I'm living to inspire a generation, and change a nation."  
- Denese Dillihant 

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