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Meet the Book Visionary

"Shamay Speaks"

Tanicia “Shamay Speaks” Currie is a 35-year-old single mother who does not believe in settling in life. Having faced many life challenges, including recovering from her 3rd open-heart surgery in September 2017. Tanicia feels that God definitely gave her a purpose. Growing up in a challenging environment with a drug addiction in her home, she convinced herself that there had to be more to life than those circumstances. Rather than allow her upbringing to dictate her success, she decided to turn her life’s hardships into motivation to persevere in life. She became the first in her immediate family to graduate college with a Bachelor’s degree. In 2009, she went on to open Cause’ N A Stir Entertainment, hosting events from concerts to fashion shows to annual toy drives. Tanicia is also the artist relations manager & organizer for the 9Quota Awards which is an annual award show that honors local arts and talents within her community. Her life changed in 2013 when her daughter Laniyah was born. Laniyah is the best blessing she ever received, but becoming a mother also showed her that it was time to kick life into overdrive. Tanicia is currently the CEO of Branches of Community Services, which helps her give back to those in need. In 2014, she decided to finish the book she started over 8 years prior. She published her first book titled “Deep Within I Knew He Wasn’t for Me in October 2015. Tanicia is a featured author in two empowerment books Igniting The Vision and Stand Up Be Heard.  Tanicia is currently working on her 5th book compilation, set to release September 2018. She enjoys assisting others with sharing their story and fulfilling their dream of becoming published authors. Her solo book will release in 2018/early 2019. Being passionate about empowering others to rise above their circumstances and take charge of their destiny, Tanicia’s mission in life is to chase all that life has to offer, never give up, and stay humble. Tanicia truly hopes to use her life story, books, videos, workshops, events, and speaking to inspire others to follow their dreams despite their circumstances. Tanicia’s theme for 2018 is “Keep moving forward with a no matter what attitude!” Tanicia looks forward to leaving an empowering legacy for her daughter, as well as, enjoying the extraordinary journey that God has laid out for her!

(Updated 7-16-18)


Tanicia “Shamay Speaks” Currie Mission:

I am often asked what do you do?

Here’s my answer which is my mission:

“I assist and support women in discovering their potential in life while understand that they deserve the BEST in Life, Business, and Relationships”


Fun facts about Shamay: Shamay loves to speak on real life topics and relationships.


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