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Kanishia Wallace

Age 34


Unique Living Project

Health. Happiness. Freedom.

For Project Details:

Text ‘EZRFN13820’ to 313131

Sacramento, CA


Kanishia Wallace Bio:

Kanishia Wallace is a God loving Christian believer, a humble wife, a proud mother of three, a business owner, a natural born entrepreneur, a student and a leader in the community. She is an innovative thinker, a mentor and a steward who’s on a relentless pursuit of purpose. Kanishia Wallace was born and raised in Fresno, CA. She knew at an early age that she had a reason to live and always knew she had been born to help others get what they need in life as well. She always knew her purpose was to be greater. Kanishia left Fresno after high school in 1999, and began the Criminal Justice program at California State University, Sacramento, where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree a few years later. She is one of the few in her family to go on and complete a four year college degree because of the dreams and goals she wanted to accomplish; however, God's plan for her life was different. The spirit of entrepreneurship was unleashed as she had a desire to be her own boss. In 2008, Kanishia launched her networking group BoldBeautifulWomen Empowered. In 2013, she launched Unique Living, a health & nutrition business. Kanishia considers herself a jack of many trades, but her true passion is to inspire others to get what they need in life to be successful. Her mission is to dream achieve, to live a life of more than enough and never in lack, and to leave a legacy for generations that her children’s children will be proud of. Her name is Kanishia Wallace and she thrives on the success of others!




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