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Teresa Dye

Author~ Wife~ Mother~ Grandmother~ Survivor

Age 56

Pittsburg, CA

Contact me:

Find Me: TeresaLynn@GodLovesMeSo

Stay tuned for my solo book, currently in the planning stages!

Chapter Title: “I Didn’t Want to Die”

Teresa Dye was born and raised in a potpourri of lower class suburbs of Sacramento, California by her alcoholic drug addicted mother and step father(s). Her biological father resided in Stanislaus County and was a larger than life ladies’ man. She had two brothers, one older and one younger, and she was a homeless child of the streets for a period. She currently resides with her second husband in California’s East Bay Area. Teresa was a single mother to two daughters now grown with children of their own; she a grandmother of six and great grandmother of two. She also has two step children. Now coming up on 57 years young she is retired from the commercial insurance industry and enjoys spending her time with her loved ones, including her golden retriever. She enjoys near daily visits to the gym, working with others in her community to keep litter off the streets and parks, painting ornaments, reading, writing, games, football (Go Raiders) and most of all, she enjoys her husband, who she believes is her soul mate, her destiny, the love of her life. After people get to know her and having heard of the challenges and triumphs of her life, Teresa has been told by a multitude of people that she needed to write a book. This chapter is her first foray to that end. Teresa credits God’s grace for her survival mentally, physically and spiritually.

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