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Sharnice Marie Evans


 Age 47
Author, Evangelist, Firebrand
Founder of Ladies on Purpose


Lady Sharnice Marie Evans Bio

Exhorter and Servant of God

Founder of Ladies on Purpose

Sharnice is a Prophet to the Nations, Prayer Warrior, Exhorter, Teacher and Preacher. Most importantly she loves God and His people.  Her mission in life is to empower people to discover and walk in their purpose.  She is a mother of four, a grandmother of two and has been married for almost six years.  The pain that she has endured and overcome in life has birthed her out into true ministry.  She recently pastored, alongside her husband, in the city of Antioch for two years.  While pastoring, she had the opportunity to affect change in the lives of many, as well as, a dying community. She is the founder of Ladies on Purpose, which is a Ministry that was birthed to assist men and women in discovering their purpose through God’s Word and the power of Deliverance. She is a survivor of domestic violence, abandonment, and homelessness and truly knows what it means to never give up.  She has allowed life’s challenges to make her and not break her.  Sharnice is passionate about helping people and she incites change by taking radical actions to bring about that change.  Sharnice is currently pursuing her B.A Degree in Business Leadership while at the same time launching her t-shirt line “Kingdom Dwellers”.  God has ordained and purposed her to uniquely minister to the hearts of hurting women, not only locally, but internationally.  She has been through the war but is not torn and has allowed her pain to push her to her purpose.  It is her humble desire to be used by God in total submission.   

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