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Eshe’ Satcher

Author~ Lead Coordinator~Educator~Mother

Age 33

Pittsburg, Ca

Eshe’ Satcher was born and raised in Pittsburg, California. She has 2 older siblings. She is a mother of an upstanding 18 year old son who recently graduated from high school. She currently works, full time, as a lead supervisor, for a non-profit agency that provides after school program services/events in the community of Pittsburg. Eshe’ experienced a very challenging childhood, dealing with many things such as; drug and alcohol addictions in the home, parents incarceration, homelessness, as well as her mother being diagnosed with having a mental illness and other medical issues. Eshe’ became a single mother at the tender age of 15. She has experienced her share of tumultuous relationships and has learned a great deal of wisdom from these experiences. As a young adult, she took on the responsibly of providing a home for her younger brother. He was murdered a couple years later, at the age of 18 years old. Later in her life, her father passed away from Prostate Cancer at the age of 59 years old.  Her father, no matter what the circumstances, always stressed the importance of receiving an education and being independent. Becoming a teen mother and dealing with so much adversity in her childhood, never stopped Eshe’ from being independent and also empowered her to want more in life. She has shown her resiliency and perseverance by not allowing the challenges in life stop her from meeting her goals. Through all of her hardships, she was able to graduate high school and college. Eshe’ has an Associate Arts Degree in Liberal Arts and an Associates Arts Degree in Business Administration. Her passion is to assist others that may be experiencing hardships in their lives and to provide them with resources to help them become successful. She is currently attending a university to receive her Bachelor Arts Degree in Business with a certificate in Human Resources. Her plan is to continue to work in the education sector and to continue to be a lifelong learner. Eshe’s hope is by sharing her story will help to inspire and empower others to see that anything is possible.

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