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Danae Braggs


Age 37

Real Estate Agent, Author, Entreprenuer, Speaker and all around Superwoman

Pittsburg, CA Native

Business Cell: 925-481-6058



Danae Forrest Bio:

A Pittsburg, CA native, Danae Braggs is an all-around SUPER WOMAN.  Becoming a mother at 16, she had every reason to also become a statistic.  She never did.  She soared above the odds and surpassed a lot of lack luster expectations.  Today she is a successful entrepreneur, real estate agent, and author; just to name a few of her many accomplishments.  Her philanthropic endeavors almost always promote her beloved city, Pittsburg.  She has been quoted as saying "I'm from here from here..."  An advocate for children, housing rights, self-sufficiency and more, Danae shows and proves that she is the epitome of the term SUPER WOMAN.






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