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Chere’ Sifflet

Actor of Television/Film/Theatre


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Chere’ was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She was raised in a single parent home and grew up in the Baptist church. Chere' began singing in the church choir at an early age, where she learned to appreciate the sound of gospel music. Gospel music would be a foundation of strength and encouragement for her through the years. She would have to draw on that foundation to be able to keep her faith and persevere through her life's most difficult and challenging trials.


Growing up in southern California, she found herself at Venice Beach, looking to promote her talent.  Venice Beach was full of artistic opportunities and it’s one of the locations Chere' was discovered as a model. She has modeled for New York West in Newport Beach, CA, and Carolina Leonetti LTD in Hollywood.  She has modeled in magazines such as Feeling Fresh with director Janet DuBoise from Good Times, Scope Magazine, Buick car company, and more.


Chere’ is a union actor and she continues to pursue work in the television and film industry to encourage others and to glorify God.  Chere’ believes the calling on her life is to encourage and to motivate women who have suffered abuse, been rejected or exploited, and have lost hope. She aspires to do this through personal contact, motivational speaking, books, music, theatre, and Christian films.




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