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Miranda O’Hare

Author~Writer~Community Activist

Age 25

Pittsburg, Ca




Miranda O’Hare was born and raised in Pittsburg California, and is the youngest of four children. Miranda was raised by a single mother after her father passed away in 2000 in federal prison. Maranda watched her mother struggle as a single parent as she was bounced around from home to home, living with different friends and family. Miranda saw firsthand what violence, abuse and drugs can do to a family. Miranda refused to follow the same habits that her family had laid out for her. She refused to allow her family's past to dictate her future.


In 2000, Miranda was the first of her family to graduate high school and attend college. In May 2015, she graduated from community college with six associate’s degrees. After watching her mother struggle for so many years to provide her family with nothing but the best, Miranda took a huge interest in her community and single mothers everywhere. In 2013, Miranda became a board member of a nonprofit organization called Branches of Community Services which supports the community by providing educational support, resources, and opportunities for personal development. Miranda one day wishes to become a registered nurse and work in a children's hospital.



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