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Christina Aguilar

Author~Speaker~Aspiring Minister 

Christina Aguilar is a 32 years old mother of 3 beautiful children. She is married to a loving man, Carlos. Christina was born and raised in Pittsburg, California. Christina grew up in a single parent home. Her father was absent from her life as he battled a drug addiction. During her childhood, Christina struggled with feeling alone especially without having her father present. Feeling alone and unloved while trying to feel her fatherless void, lead Christina down a path of drug addiction and self-destruction. After her father’s passing, the feeling of something missing still lingered. After years of ups and downs, Christina was invited to a church that would change her life. She gave church a chance and found out that the love she was looking for was in Jesus. She gives all thanks to Jesus for mending her broken heart and allowing her to finally move past her past by releasing the pain she held inside. She received deliverance from all addictions and strongholds that held her back in life. Being aware of everything she has been through, Christina hopes to show others that they can overcome their past and have a brighter future. Through her testimony, books, and future speaking engagements; Christina hopes to inspire others to trust and Love God. Christina feels so very thankful and gives God all the Glory for the wonderful changes in her life.

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